Talk is cheap and so is the barato opinions of impatient motherfuckers that want their money in a hurry. But always remember that at the end of the day, we've done the best we could and leave all that bullshit at work where it belongs. There are times where you won't know how to respond to a specific request because you've never done it before. And there are also times where you'll have to walk away when a guest starts to push those familiar wrath buttons. You know, the kind of buttons that get someone punched in the face. And since some of us NEED a job at any given moment, we gotta sometimes eat shit and move on. I'm not one to grovel or make excuses, probably because I don't think that far ahead and have too much pride for that. So when it's time to refrain yourself from slapping the shit out of a guest, walking away is probably the better judgement. I'm also going to add that when walking away, to notify the guest that you'll be doing so and ex

Wassup Nerds!

🤙 Dean here, I started this blog to help other techs figure out shit, so we can help each other out to become more efficient and resourceful on the job. So since I just started myself, don't ask me shit! 🤣 JK But if you've got anything to add to this site, go ahead and contact me by clicking here .